Moving Beyond & Becoming …. .. .   get busy livingWhat a powerful statement!   To MOVE BEYOND means to leave behind what you chose to leave behind … and BECOMING implies the process or journey of moving into something new.

That is what a NEW YEAR is about….an opportunity to MOVE BEYOND and BECOME something new … BUT … we should be doing that every day.  The PAST (good or bad) is NOT where we should stay … there is much more for us in our lives IF we chose to LET GO and MOVE FORWARD.   What are uou needing to MOVE BEYOND in your life … And what are you chosing to BECOME?   THESE are the most important questions you must answer EVERY DAY of your life … if you do not … then you will REMAIN STUCK in your past.

In the classic movie “Shawshank Redemption”,  Andy Dufresne said to his closest friend (Red) the day before his amazing escape …  “I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying.”

IF we cannot make that choice of MOVING BEYOND and BECOMING  … than we are chosing to STAY STUCK .  What do you need to MOVE BEYOND – Emotionally – Physically – Mentally  in your life today?   It’s a journey … begin that journey TODAY … and CONTINUE ON IT … You will be glad you did!

About OnesimusConnection - "A Journey in Self Discovery"

Bill Nichols, is a Board Certified Christian Counselor, a Certified Professional Life Coach, a Certified Behavioral Counselor, a Certified Anger Management Professional and a member of NAMA – The National Anger Management Association. He has Certificates in “Sexual Addictions Counseling”, “Addictions and Recovery” and “Treating Compulsive Sexual Behavior”. He holds a Master of Religious Arts in Christian Counseling Degree, a Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree and is a member of the AACC – American Association of Christian Counselors Bill has over twenty-five years’ experience in pastoral and professional Life Coaching & Counseling. He has organized and facilitated Anger Management Classes and directed Addictions Programs at various counseling centers in the Jacksonville area including The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center and The City Rescue Mission. Mr. Nichols has attended five different colleges and is a graduate of Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, CO, International College of Bible Theology in Sikeston, MO and Logos Graduate School in Jacksonville, FL.
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