Are YOU a “Human Event”?

human event2

I have been a very successful counselor over the past several years helping individuals with anger, life controlling issues, and self-worth.  I am currently making a “shift” in my practice to “Life Coaching” so to help these who have been healed to move forward in their life journey.

The other day a friend gave me some great advice in helping me to further promote my new practice by saying … “To be a coach there must be a human event.”   I swear I must be dyslexic because when I read his comment I thought he said: “To be a coach YOU must be a human event.”

That statement (which I misread) touched me deeply and I thanked him for his profound insight.  Then I realized that I had misread his statement and at first felt quite foolish … THEN … as I thought about it for a moment … I realized that maybe my dyslexia had helped me to realize a powerful truth.

“Human Event” … what do those words mean?   As I began my research immediately found that “Human Events “  was a weekly conservative publication which former U.S. President Ronald W. Reagan‘s said was his favorite reading for years … But that is not what I am referring to here.   Then I ran across these words written by Thomas Jefferson on July 4th 1776: “When in the Course of human events …. “   which we all know are the first five words of the “Declaration of independence”.

BUT just what is a “Human Event” … or even a better question … “Am I a Human Event?”  THAT is a powerful question and a profound thought.   What does it mean to BE a “Human Event”?

YAHOO defines Human Events as “things that happen in human life and human societies. e.g. wars, treaties, establishments of governments, taxation, etc.–any events that involve humans” (    BUT I wanted to get much more specific as to just what a Human Event meant to me.  In order to do that I first must define the word “event”.  One definition I found of the word of “event” was: “A significant occurrence or happening”.   (    So … I can safely assume that a “Human Event” would be a “significant occurrence or happening” caused by a “Human” … such asyou or I.

NOW the BIG question …  Are YOU a significant occurrence or happening?  THAT, my friend, is an important question which this writing will not allow me time to expound upon … other than to simply challenge your thinking as to how this may personally apply to your life.

I just know that … due to my Dyslexia in misreading a friend’s comment … I am challenged today to ask myself “Am I a Human Event” who is making a difference in other’s lives?   To change my world … and to help change others … I myself must first be changed or in the process of changing.   I must be a “Human Event”!

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About OnesimusConnection - "A Journey in Self Discovery"

Bill Nichols, is a Board Certified Christian Counselor, a Certified Professional Life Coach, a Certified Behavioral Counselor, a Certified Anger Management Professional and a member of NAMA – The National Anger Management Association. He has Certificates in “Sexual Addictions Counseling”, “Addictions and Recovery” and “Treating Compulsive Sexual Behavior”. He holds a Master of Religious Arts in Christian Counseling Degree, a Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree and is a member of the AACC – American Association of Christian Counselors Bill has over twenty-five years’ experience in pastoral and professional Life Coaching & Counseling. He has organized and facilitated Anger Management Classes and directed Addictions Programs at various counseling centers in the Jacksonville area including The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center and The City Rescue Mission. Mr. Nichols has attended five different colleges and is a graduate of Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, CO, International College of Bible Theology in Sikeston, MO and Logos Graduate School in Jacksonville, FL.
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