“Suspended Between Two Worlds”


   “Suspended Between Two Worlds”

A Poem God gave me as I stood at my sons’ bedside in the hospital Saturday – September 22nd, 2012

(A writting reflecting on my dads passing and now my sons)

Your dad on one side and my dad on the other with you in the middle suspended between two worlds

On the one hand I know you long to stay with the ones who love you and will miss you so much

On the other there are those to welcome you home where there is no more pain or suffering

Suspended between two worlds can be a lonely and frightening place for it is a journey that we can’t walk with you as you must travel it alone

Yet, I am confident that whichever direction you go … to remain here with me … or to go join my dad … that you will be just fine

For there is a DAD greater than me or my dad who is with you in these moments and HE will give you strength and encouragement as only a real Father can do

… As you find yourself suspended between two worlds

One week later, on Saturday night September 29th at 11:30PM, I was there with you once again at your bedside as you took that journey to be with my dad.  I will miss you so very much son, but I look forward to seeing you again!! —- Your Dad

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